Laser cutting

Stengel provides laser cutting services for cutting the parts as per the customer’s need and drawing system. Laser cutting can produce almost any 2D shape including shaped cutouts. We make various laser cutting components such as enclosures, cabinets, brackets, holders, mechanisms and etc. CNC laser cutting can be applied to several types of materials, especially it is suitable for stainless steel and mild steel.

Laser Cutting Machine Capacity:

- table size (Sheet Size) – 1250 X 2550 (mm);

- stainless steel N2 (Nitrogen) cutting – 5 mm thickness;

- stainless steel O2 (Oxygen) cutting – 8 mm thickness;

- mild steel O2 (Oxygen) cutting – 10 mm thickness.

Laser Cutting is used when:

  • part needs to have a lot of holes and cutouts;
  • part needs to have rounded corners;
  • part needs to have no burrs or as less as possible.